Larkspur Falls

Larkspur Falls (March 30, 2009)

Larkspur Falls (March 30, 2009) Photo By:

Sometimes the best shows are the ones you least expect.  There is no hype, no familiar songs, no buzz, no pre-conceived notions, nothing but pure surprise.

Thanks to a tip from our friend that signed White Lies to Fiction Records, we were off to see Larkspur Falls in Camden at Barfly; totally oblivious to her sound, songs or story. Upon arrival the room appeared rather bland and a bit sweaty, a testament to many of London’s more legendary venues.

Larkspur Falls, aka Claire Toomey, is a 22 year old singer/songwriter based in London.  She is currently being developed by David Kosten, the man behind the production of Bat For Lashes.  She is definitely on the right track for success and as soon as we get clearance from her manager, we will post a clip of the performance from tonight.

More info forthcoming after we get over this jetlag!


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