Before reading anything about Kingston; we encourage [see: demand] you to take 3 minutes and watch the music video below for their song “Round We Go”.

If you’re currently inebriated by any stretch of the word, you will feel a bit dizzy after watching this.  Go on, watch it already… (and be sure to click “HD” after you hit ‘play’)

While the video alone will most assuredly draw an immense amount of attention to this young New Zealand-based quartet, there is much than meets the eye, they happen to be absolutely amazing live. Kingston formed in 2006 and their first single “Good Good Feeling” reached Top 40 on the New Zealand airplay charts as an independent release. Additionally, Kingston were also chosen to be 2008’s New Zealand Schools Tour band, a tour which covered the whole country over 3 months in the summer. The band just wrapped up a very successful run of gigs along the infamous Sunset Strip in LA and also in Las Vegas. Next up will be some noise making in Berlin and a few live shows in Tokyo before heading back home to Auckland. Look for Kingston to be making even more noise in the coming months, they are destined to be a darling of online media/blogs very soon.


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