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Capra signs to Hollywood Records

Capra [photo by Martin Haeusler]

Big congratulations to Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Capra, who inked a deal with Hollywood Records last week. The band has packed venues in Los Angeles like Viper Room, Key Club, Safari Sam’s, House of Blues, On The Rox and Green Door and are currently working on recording their debut album as we speak. Capra is managed by Andre Recke, who also represents Hilary Duff and Nikka Costa as well.  Surely with Recke’s past experience and the sheer talent of the band, he can help mold them into a band that stands the test of time.

The signing was especially meaningful for Hollywood Records as the band’s lead singer Kelly Blatz also dubs as the title character in DisneyXD’s “Aaron Stone” TV show, which has proved to be one of the most promising shows on the young station. In a recent interview with the Malaysia Star, Blatz said “I spend as much time acting as well as doing music. I’m very, very passionate about that. We just got a record deal and hopefully have the record released by the end of the year. We’re very, very excited. It’s rock music, it’s fun and it caters to wide demographics. Hopefully, we get to reach a lot of people and you guys will get to enjoy it.

We feel that this band has a massive chance of breaking worldwide, they are great live and have already laid down some amazing songs thus far.  Only time will tell if the Disney/Hollywood machine can put them on the fast track to success; lucky for them they have some serious talent as not only a band, but also performers, one doesn’t have to think too far back to see how successful the aforementioned ‘machine’ has been with bands that had far less talent.  Kudos to Capra and Hollywood Records!

For more information on Capra, check out their blog or MySpace page.

*Photo Credit: Martin Haeusler


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update from bonnaroo

Haven’t had internet all weekend, lame.

However, I was at Bonnaroo – so who gives a crap about internet haha.

If I took a photo of you and told you to come to this site; you’re in the right place. Photos will be up either today or tomorrow.

Click Bonnaroo 2009 (on the top) or email me and join the facebook group, some sweet photos!

See you all next year or perhaps sooner.


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Bonnaroo Blog #2 – Still at the airport…

After an 11 hour flight from New Zealand I finally made it to Los Angeles.. landed at 7:30am and was greeted by one of my lovely roommates who brought me my Bonnaroo bag of goodies. After that I checked in for my 11am flight and was ready to go! Ate some awesome grub at Chili’s and made my way over to the terminal.


Flight was delayed til 1:30pm, while that did indeed suck I wasn’t deterred. I headed to the bar alone, but I found out that many other Bonnaroovians and had some drinks as well!

Next, found out it was delayed til 3:30pm… then 3:45pm… then 4:10pm.. then 6pm. Now that fucking sucked. Now, at 5:30pm… I’ve successfully spent the last 10 hours of my life hanging out at LAX – not the way I wanted to spend my first day of Bonnaroo. 


However, the show must go on… if the plane actually leaves at 6pm [edit: it is 6:45pm and we still haven’t left] then that’ll put us in Nashville at about midnight… Bonnaroo grounds at about 1am. Just long enough to hear the last few notes of the late night set and dig into my bag of goodies.

More updates coming soon, hopefully not until LATE tonight after I get some jammin in.

(See below for other fun/random photos)

before bonnaroo...

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Bonnaroo Blog #1 – A long ways from Manchester…

As I type this in Auckland New Zealand it is Wednesday June 10th at 11:46pm. Bonnaroo is just around the corner.

At 2:35pm on Thursday June 11th I will be flying to Los Angeles, arriving at 7:30am PST on Thursday June 11th. Logic tells us that’s pretty crazy, reality reminds us to not think too hard about it.

At 11:00am PST we will be flying to Nashville and be on our way to Bonnaroo.

If all goes well with our friends at Atmosphere Creative in Silverlake then there will be 2,000 cards that you see below, if you have one in your hand right now that probably means we or someone else took your photo. It will be up for you to see soon I can assure you. Along with photos from other people, video, and lots of other cool things. While you wait, check out the music below, all good stuff we promise.

Off to sleep now; see you all in Manchester!

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