Bonnaroo Blog #1 – A long ways from Manchester…

As I type this in Auckland New Zealand it is Wednesday June 10th at 11:46pm. Bonnaroo is just around the corner.

At 2:35pm on Thursday June 11th I will be flying to Los Angeles, arriving at 7:30am PST on Thursday June 11th. Logic tells us that’s pretty crazy, reality reminds us to not think too hard about it.

At 11:00am PST we will be flying to Nashville and be on our way to Bonnaroo.

If all goes well with our friends at Atmosphere Creative in Silverlake then there will be 2,000 cards that you see below, if you have one in your hand right now that probably means we or someone else took your photo. It will be up for you to see soon I can assure you. Along with photos from other people, video, and lots of other cool things. While you wait, check out the music below, all good stuff we promise.

Off to sleep now; see you all in Manchester!


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