Bonnaroo Blog #2 – Still at the airport…

After an 11 hour flight from New Zealand I finally made it to Los Angeles.. landed at 7:30am and was greeted by one of my lovely roommates who brought me my Bonnaroo bag of goodies. After that I checked in for my 11am flight and was ready to go! Ate some awesome grub at Chili’s and made my way over to the terminal.


Flight was delayed til 1:30pm, while that did indeed suck I wasn’t deterred. I headed to the bar alone, but I found out that many other Bonnaroovians and had some drinks as well!

Next, found out it was delayed til 3:30pm… then 3:45pm… then 4:10pm.. then 6pm. Now that fucking sucked. Now, at 5:30pm… I’ve successfully spent the last 10 hours of my life hanging out at LAX – not the way I wanted to spend my first day of Bonnaroo. 


However, the show must go on… if the plane actually leaves at 6pm [edit: it is 6:45pm and we still haven’t left] then that’ll put us in Nashville at about midnight… Bonnaroo grounds at about 1am. Just long enough to hear the last few notes of the late night set and dig into my bag of goodies.

More updates coming soon, hopefully not until LATE tonight after I get some jammin in.

(See below for other fun/random photos)

before bonnaroo...


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