HARD Summer Festival 2009


We came, we saw… we… took photos… lots of photos of happy people.

(UPDATE: Over 250 photos are up, if you were on the floor… I probably got a photo of you… Join our Facebook group to see the photos!)

Fact: There were a tremendously large amount of beautiful ladies in attendance tonight.
Fact: I am very upset that the event was shut down.
Fact: A few groups of douchebags ruined a potentially amazing event.
Fact: ..the ladies!
Fact: “Full refund will be made available for those who purchased tickets to HARD SUMMER more info coming ASAP.” -Gary Richards

This is not a blog entry about what happened (or didn’t happen) tonight at HARD Summer Festival, this is a blog entry about people showing extreme amounts of patience and trying to make the best out of a shitty situation. Massive thanks to the 90% of the fans in attendance who were very respectful of what was going on, and listened. For the 5-10% who thought it was cute to block the aisles, jump down to the floor or push/shove their way through, grow up.

I’m sure there will be a lot of terrible reviews, pissed off artists/fans and also hourly workers at HARD – all warranted. Hell, the first thing I started to write was headed that way. However, through the lens of my camera I hope you are able to remember, or discover, that there were some lovely moments that occurred. Rather than sit and be upset about the lack of music, my friend and I tried to make the best of the situation by taking photos of hundreds of people and capturing any positivity that we could.

Big shout out to Josh Woodard for helping me pass out cards, take a bunch of awesome photos and spread the good vibes through the floor tonight. If you got a card, your photo is more than likely going to be posted. Feel free to add me on Facebook as well, much love!



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6 responses to “HARD Summer Festival 2009

  1. Dru

    I work in events, and I have never been to a more poorly planned out event. The event was EXTREMELY DISORGANIZED. There were not signs, not enough staff was present to answer questions or to direct people, and the venue staff certainly didn’t know anything about the event (even where things were located
    1) It took me 1 hour 45 minutes to get through will call and get inside. That is completely unreasonable for a wait time. The Forum is designed to accommodate so many people – why did it take so long to get in?
    Once inside, it was clear that they were grossly understaffed for security. You cannot hold them responsible for the stupid people who were jumping over the railing (the reason it got shut down) but a number of questions remain – why, even after that, did they not have enough security to move the people out of those areas immediately? Why would you sell that many general access tickets to a “dance” concert when most people are paying a lot of money to be able to be on the dancefloor, but you cannot accommodate even half of them?!?!? The organizers showed gross negligence and greed in understaffing the event, and complete incompetence in terms of their customers’ expectations. We deserve refunds for the poor decisions made by the concert planners.
    For the mostly young people attending this event, an investment of $100+ (ticket, parking, drinks, etc) is a massive amount of money for a single night, especially in this economy. If they don’t offer refunds, we should organize a class action lawsuit … we have the grounds to demonstrate that, beyond the rowdiness, that the organizers put the public at danger with their practices and did not adequately manage (or invest in) their resources.

  2. Jackaii

    were can i get the pictures? 😮

  3. I was also at the epic fails of Hardfest. Good thing nobody got seriously hurt, but the whole fucking thing was fail.

    Amazing article, btw. GG.

  4. EyeKandi

    I totally agree with everythign you said it was a shitty situation, i made the best out of it as i could and met a lot of really amazing people 🙂

  5. Bau

    At EDC there was plenty of security but people still jumped over the fence…. Its impossible to regulate a crowd of this size and frankly, turning off the music just makes it turn into a riot.
    Hopefully HARD can figure out how to fix their shit so Haunted Mansion will be better. Ill be there so ill let u know

  6. Venetian

    Hard Summer Bummer! All i have to say is thousands of people accumulate together at these events to wear whatever they want wether its nothing or just beads, to say you know what society, we dont give a fuck what you say, we are going to dance our asses off for 8 straight hours with thousands of complete strangers and they are some of the best memories we all have in common! And sometimes society lashes back at us… but you know what? Now we know how the hippies felt! Really though… was the swat team neccessary? What are we going to do.. throw our kandi at them??? Whatever society… I still dont give a FUCK!! Rave on!!!!!!

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