Kitten (Chloe Chaidez)

Tonight confirmed what we had hoped, Chloe Chaidez is an absolute star in the making.  She has the voice of a young Karen O + Meiko mixed with Emma Richardson (Band of Skulls) but seems to want to throw down and thrash at times as well.  Tonight, her band Kitten played to a packed house full of A&R reps from over a dozen record labels at LA’s famed music venue The Echo, I’m sure many of them left wondering exactly what to do with an artist like Chloe.

She has a lot of things to improve upon and areas to grow, but come on… she just turned 15 years old.  With the right production, musical direction and marketing she could do some amazing things, we will keep you updated on her progress for certain as I feel there will be some major moves made quite soon.  Stoked they gave out free EPs during the show, those went quickly.  Also an area of immediate concern is her lack of online presence… With a Twitter account that hasn’t been updated since September of 2009, Facebook fan page hasn’t been updated since late last year and a MySpace page with barely over 500 friends I’d suggest someone start kicking that side into high gear, even once a week does a world of difference.

Regardless, for every negative there are 10 positives with this young girl.  They must be doing something right because the music industry is buzzin over her.  At times she has astounding stage presence and really does know her voice quite well.  Really looking forward to seeing this develop in the near future.

For now, check out her MySpace page and listen to “Kill The Light”, “Kitten With A Whip” and “We Did It Anyway”.

PS: For further reading by one of our favorite musical wordsmiths, check out her BuzzBands Review by Kevin Bronson.

kitten the band chloe


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