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Kitten (Chloe Chaidez)

Tonight confirmed what we had hoped, Chloe Chaidez is an absolute star in the making.  She has the voice of a young Karen O + Meiko mixed with Emma Richardson (Band of Skulls) but seems to want to throw down and thrash at times as well.  Tonight, her band Kitten played to a packed house full of A&R reps from over a dozen record labels at LA’s famed music venue The Echo, I’m sure many of them left wondering exactly what to do with an artist like Chloe.

She has a lot of things to improve upon and areas to grow, but come on… she just turned 15 years old.  With the right production, musical direction and marketing she could do some amazing things, we will keep you updated on her progress for certain as I feel there will be some major moves made quite soon.  Stoked they gave out free EPs during the show, those went quickly.  Also an area of immediate concern is her lack of online presence… With a Twitter account that hasn’t been updated since September of 2009, Facebook fan page hasn’t been updated since late last year and a MySpace page with barely over 500 friends I’d suggest someone start kicking that side into high gear, even once a week does a world of difference.

Regardless, for every negative there are 10 positives with this young girl.  They must be doing something right because the music industry is buzzin over her.  At times she has astounding stage presence and really does know her voice quite well.  Really looking forward to seeing this develop in the near future.

For now, check out her MySpace page and listen to “Kill The Light”, “Kitten With A Whip” and “We Did It Anyway”.

PS: For further reading by one of our favorite musical wordsmiths, check out her BuzzBands Review by Kevin Bronson.

kitten the band chloe


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Capra signs to Hollywood Records

Capra [photo by Martin Haeusler]

Big congratulations to Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Capra, who inked a deal with Hollywood Records last week. The band has packed venues in Los Angeles like Viper Room, Key Club, Safari Sam’s, House of Blues, On The Rox and Green Door and are currently working on recording their debut album as we speak. Capra is managed by Andre Recke, who also represents Hilary Duff and Nikka Costa as well.  Surely with Recke’s past experience and the sheer talent of the band, he can help mold them into a band that stands the test of time.

The signing was especially meaningful for Hollywood Records as the band’s lead singer Kelly Blatz also dubs as the title character in DisneyXD’s “Aaron Stone” TV show, which has proved to be one of the most promising shows on the young station. In a recent interview with the Malaysia Star, Blatz said “I spend as much time acting as well as doing music. I’m very, very passionate about that. We just got a record deal and hopefully have the record released by the end of the year. We’re very, very excited. It’s rock music, it’s fun and it caters to wide demographics. Hopefully, we get to reach a lot of people and you guys will get to enjoy it.

We feel that this band has a massive chance of breaking worldwide, they are great live and have already laid down some amazing songs thus far.  Only time will tell if the Disney/Hollywood machine can put them on the fast track to success; lucky for them they have some serious talent as not only a band, but also performers, one doesn’t have to think too far back to see how successful the aforementioned ‘machine’ has been with bands that had far less talent.  Kudos to Capra and Hollywood Records!

For more information on Capra, check out their blog or MySpace page.

*Photo Credit: Martin Haeusler

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Before reading anything about Kingston; we encourage [see: demand] you to take 3 minutes and watch the music video below for their song “Round We Go”.

If you’re currently inebriated by any stretch of the word, you will feel a bit dizzy after watching this.  Go on, watch it already… (and be sure to click “HD” after you hit ‘play’)

While the video alone will most assuredly draw an immense amount of attention to this young New Zealand-based quartet, there is much than meets the eye, they happen to be absolutely amazing live. Kingston formed in 2006 and their first single “Good Good Feeling” reached Top 40 on the New Zealand airplay charts as an independent release. Additionally, Kingston were also chosen to be 2008’s New Zealand Schools Tour band, a tour which covered the whole country over 3 months in the summer. The band just wrapped up a very successful run of gigs along the infamous Sunset Strip in LA and also in Las Vegas. Next up will be some noise making in Berlin and a few live shows in Tokyo before heading back home to Auckland. Look for Kingston to be making even more noise in the coming months, they are destined to be a darling of online media/blogs very soon.

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Susan Boyle

We are officially on the Susan Boyle bandwagon. Stop kidding yourself, you’re not that busy, so take 7 minutes and watch this video…. (the below video can’t be embedded, so just click it twice)

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Pedro Winter aka Busy P

Busy P DJing at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland. []

Busy P DJing at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland. -

Busy P DJing at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland. []

Busy P DJing at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland. -

    *Cool French accent… check.
    *Law school drop out, literally… check.
    *Manager of Daft Punk from age 21-33… check.
    *Rocks a yellow hat with his name on the front… check.
    *Talented enough for us to blog about him at 6:30am… check.
    *Founder of one of the most respected electronic labels in the universe… check.
    *Internationally renowned DJ that has been flown all over the world to spin… check.

Pedro Winter, aka Busy P, is without a doubt one of the most influential people in the world of dance/electronic music since the dawn of the 21st Century.

As Founder of Ed Banger Records, Pedro works with artists like Justice, SebastiAn, Uffie, Krazy Baldhead, DJ Mehdi, Mr Oizo, Mr Flash, Vicarious Bliss, So Me, Feadz, DSL, Mickey Moonlight and his own DJ project under his aforementioned moniker Busy P.

Our day started out watching Pedro speak (quite candidly) about his career during a special keynote presentation earlier in Helsinki for the very innovated “Is This It” Conference; later on that night we were on stage raging it with him in his true office – behind the turntables.  Above are two of the photos we snapped while on stage with the aforementioned master of disguise.

Video, additional photos and more information coming shortly, for now, we shall sleep.

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(Long random semi-meaningless collection of words…. Take One)

May 16, 2008 was when we first (randomly) encountered the pop artist known as Ke$ha.  The mini-feed on our Facebook page showed a friend of ours from NYC was attending a concert at the Key Club for a Los Angeles-based alternative rock band (who shall remain nameless until we blog about them as well).  This encouraged us to check out the aforementioned band’s music, which was quite good, upon further review of the MySpace page we saw a photo of a stunning girl in their top friends. Indeed, this stunning girl was Ke$ha.

While this isn’t the most glamorous of stories on how have stumbled upon artists, it’s actually does have some relation to the reason we are writing this entry on Nashville-born and proud resident of Echo Park, CA — Ke$ha.


With one look at her, you want to know more about her.  The girls will want to be her, and the boys will want to f*ck her.  She has a rockstar look and the attitude, sound and swagger to back it up.  Her first run of songs were done with Dr. Luke and she just finished writing a handful of songs with legendary hit-maker Max Martin in Sweden.  She has also worked with producers Jim AbbissJR Rotem, Evan Bogart, Benny Blanco and Ric Ocasek and Tom Neville (We will opt out of including their combined credits as they are in the hundreds and undoubtedly include some of your favorite bands/artists, just click the links) Ke$ha herself is no slouch either, she actually penned the song “This Love” for The Veronicas before any of her recent buzz as a solo artist and was one of the handful of hot girls in Katy Perry‘s “I Kissed A Girl” music video.  Ke$ha has also appeared on Britney Spears‘ song “Lace And Leather” as a backing vocalist and most recently Flo Rida‘s record breaking hit “Right Round”.  (Yes, she is “that girl from the Flo Rida song”).  Among sure to be many upcoming collaborations is an exciting pairing of Ke$ha with Denver-based band 3OH!3 and yet another song with Flo Rida called “Touch Me”.

We have no doubt that she has what it takes to make it in this fickle music industry, check out her MySpace page and listen to her songs to see for yourself.  The songs written with Max Martin are not up yet, and don’t expect for them to be heard until her upcoming release on RCA/Jive Records.  After a flurry of major label interest, Ke$ha signed a hefty record deal with Barry Weiss, if her record was on the stock market we’d bet the house of on it. 

(Long random semi-meaningless collection of words…. Take Two) 

One of the biggest problems with the music industry today is that there is a lack of star power within bands and emerging artists in general.  Many bands are formed with the intent of selling records, getting on the radio and selling tickets to concerts.  This is indeed a smart way of doing business in the short-term, but in order to build long-term success one must be able to command attention, and sustain the test of time.

Proof of of this is simple, more 16 year olds today can name members of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, The Doors and other legendary bands than some of today’s top bands.  Who is the guitar player in Kings of Leon?  Who is the drummer for The Killers?  Perhaps you might know the bass player for The Fray or maybe even the drummer for Coldplay?  Probably not.  This does not discount the success and/or sales history of any of the aforementioned bands, but it does take away from their potential for long-term success.  Even outside of music, Ke$ha will be noticed for her star power and charisma; the tabloids will love to hate her and she will probably end up in movies before her run is up.

Apologies for the random tangents and rabid flurry of writing, if you take anything away from this, have it be the photo above and others listed on her MySpace page.  Additionally, listen to the songs and enjoy them while they are posted as they might not even make the album and will soon be taken off of the MySpace page regardless.

To repeat the obvious and bring a close to this long-winded and one-sided review on one of our favorite artists, Ke$ha is the epitome of a 21st Century Rockstar.  Case closed.

web: /KESHAisHOT
twitter: @keshasuxx
wikipedia: blam

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Larkspur Falls

Larkspur Falls (March 30, 2009)

Larkspur Falls (March 30, 2009) Photo By:

Sometimes the best shows are the ones you least expect.  There is no hype, no familiar songs, no buzz, no pre-conceived notions, nothing but pure surprise.

Thanks to a tip from our friend that signed White Lies to Fiction Records, we were off to see Larkspur Falls in Camden at Barfly; totally oblivious to her sound, songs or story. Upon arrival the room appeared rather bland and a bit sweaty, a testament to many of London’s more legendary venues.

Larkspur Falls, aka Claire Toomey, is a 22 year old singer/songwriter based in London.  She is currently being developed by David Kosten, the man behind the production of Bat For Lashes.  She is definitely on the right track for success and as soon as we get clearance from her manager, we will post a clip of the performance from tonight.

More info forthcoming after we get over this jetlag!

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